The process of Wellenetz branding

Contracting Method (Usual Style)
We conduct research with a 50-50 balance between internal and external, utilize the data to finalize a “Story of the provided value” in ongoing sessions, and achieve penetration with a non-advertising method from all contact points.

Organize prerequisite conditions
Primary and secondary research

Create an agreed-upon “script” through ongoing sessions

Initiate an action plan (quantifiable results)
The features of Wellenetz branding

Wellenetz is a company that does “Brand Building”.

If brand building is successful, the company will surely accelerate.
“What are the sales points of the brand building that Wellenetz does?” our customers often ask us.

The features are:

  1. The goal is to produce “quantifiable results” This includes increased sales, increases in inquiries, increases in conversion, improvement in lost opportunities, increased profits, etc.
  2. A track record in nearly all industries (We have worked with over 500 companies on branding alone)
    We have experience with BtoB companies as well as BtoC (our ratio of BtoB to BtoC is 7:3)
  3. We only employ staff fluent in management, business strategies, accounting and finance, business models, etc.
  4. Our suggestions are strategic and actually bear fruit, rather than empty “armchair theories”
    (Examples: Business rebuilding, monetization, initializing web-based tactics, utilization of mobile media, and other tactics utilizing buzz and the cloud)
  5. We do not hold back when dealing with customers
    (Of course there is a “soft landing”.) We respect the opinions of executives and large stakeholders, but rather than following them blindly, we call things as we see them from a neutral standpoint.
  6. We share our client companies’ worldview.
    (We share our clients’ experience with purchasing and use as much as possible, and continue to gain much experience even now.)
  7. We are not a company that submits a document and considers our work complete. We ultimately bring everything to the point of being a strategy with results that can actually be seenthrough sales tools, public relations strategies, and the web.
  8. We utilize everything, including our past network
    (This includes listed companies, famous economists, and the rest of our human network)
  9. We lead by creating a project team that includes not only managers but employees as well.
    Our consistent motto, start to finish, is “there is no point unless you succeed!”

We do not work based on assumptions and beliefs. We carefully collect data on our client companies, communicate with them, and leverage our experience to contribute to company building that yields actual results.
What effect does Wellenetz’s brand building ultimately have?
We involve ourselves with your company as a “Brand-Building Strategy Team”.

We create: “Image improvement” and “increased awareness” to contend with and surpass competitors, “News creation” public relations strategies (non-advertising) that leverage social media, “Increased sales” through sales strategies aimed at potential targets you have not explored, you were not aware of, or you ignored, “Increased profits” through business improvements that eliminate waste and improve operational efficiency, and, if your company is aiming to be listed, “Construction of an appealing company image” that will be desired not only by securities agencies and managing underwriters, but potential stockholders as well. (*Of course we do not necessarily do all of these in each case. The goals are decided before contracting.)

In some cases, we internally reform companies by working with them on business plan development, business improvement projects, and efficiency projects.