It is because we create a “pull” for potential customers.

We are not “Yes Men” for our clients – just doing as they ask and telling them what they want to hear.
We think there should be a 50-50 balance between internal elements and external elements.
The key is the acquisition of customers’ desires beyond that. (If the goal is business expansion and sales growth)
We employ the 5 main elements of desire that provide conversion for business, and create the “pull” that activates potential customers.

We provide the solutions to these desires:

  1. I want to solve a problem,
  2. I want to resolve my worry,
  3. I want to eliminate my frustration,
  4. I want to reduce costs (get a good deal), and
  5. I want to earn money (increase sales).

We make full use of data.

In the past several years it has become possible to obtain a lot of data. This is not the “big data” that is so popular now, but “raw data”. Of course, we will also utilize our “pattern database” that we have used to win customers, and our customer network, but the key point is “data”. This data is not the type of data that measures awareness of our client companies, but “desire numbers” that lie beyond that.

We absolutely never PUSH. We only PULL.

Our company has no sales representatives whatsoever.

We promote “non-advertisement branding” to customers; if we were unable to PULL our own new clients, our work would be meaningless.
Our branding business has inquiries and requests for visits every week. We also have a great many inquiries from clients introduced to us through existing clients or our other related network. Moreover, they no one but us, without reaching out to any other sales consulting companies. In other words, we are able to acquire customers without actively promoting ourselves.
We can set up this system in our clients’ businesses.

We even received requests for collaboration from companies renowned across Japan.

Several famous companies have requested collaboration with us for our services, and we are deploying services together with them. This is the power of “PULL”.