Our company’s system pulls, with its system of services that resolve the desires of clients listed below.

It is not a PUSH, but a PULL. It is a system whereby potential customers actively approach.

  • The unique business practices of the Japanese market make us unable to enter it.
  • We want to obtain customers in the Japanese market inbound, but it does not work well.
  • We are a business-to-business company (BtoB) and are unaware of the general consumer.
  • We have only subcontracted, so we do not know how to appeal to potential customers.
  • We are caught up in a competition over prices and fees.
  • We are not able to show off our appeal to the outside.
  • There are negative comments about us on the Internet.
  • Our advertising is ineffective.
  • Our company was developed through the inspiration of our president and management team, and we cannot fight on the surface.
  • We want to create new sales channels.
  • We have a hard time recruiting personnel, even though we think we are a good company.
  • The news only picks up stories of our competition.
  • We have had management consultants in the past, but cannot sense what, if anything, actually changed.
  • Our internal motivation is low or will not improve.
  • We are a BtoB company and have never worked routes other than sales to our existing clients.
  • We cannot compete unless we add value as a company.The following are for financial institutions and consulting firms:
  • Our clients’ appeal is not being conveyed to their customers.
  • Our client company is aiming for an IPO.
  • Our clients are technology companies and are not skilled at self-promotion.
  • Our clients are not good at utilizing the Internet.

Wouldn’t you like to solve these problems with a management consultant?
Have you contacted an advertising firm because you think you can fix them by improving your company image?
These problems can be resolved by a “Branding” company.
That is who we are.