Branding without quantifiable effect is not what we consider branding.

Building a brand accelerates business by increasing sales, increasing profit margins, and increasing awareness.
It is not advertising and making Corporate Identity (CI).

Its purposes are: “To recognize and activate potential customers,”
“To distinguish from competitors and win against competition,”
and “To be able to fight with strengths and superiority other than prices and fees”.

We do not perform consulting; rather we conduct Business-to-Business (BtoB) and Business-to-Customer (BtoC) projects ourselves.

We do not call what our company does “consulting”.
The meaning of “consulting” is to “find problems and propose solutions.”
However, at our company, we believe that it is difficult for customers to change dramatically with just advice.
So, our company is a “Turnaround Activator” (an action team that produces quantifiable results).

We would not be able to provide these strategies if we did not have this experience with BtoB projects and BtoC projects.

Could you ever consider inexperienced “experts” with their armchair theories to be your partners in business transformation?
Our company has actual experience with BtoC projects and BtoB projects, acquired through our daily battles with our competition.

At the same time, we run several revenue sharing models where we sell the products and services of manufacturers and service providers in their place.